Blog Post Four

The idea of the evolution of the media is one of the main focuses of this blog, and through the book “The Rise of the Blogosphere” by Aaron Barlow, the entire history is accounted for. Barlow writes that,”Blogs are becoming an organizing entity for what may prove to be a new manifestation of major American political parties,” (Barlow, 39). The organization of the American political system is based on the existence of two parties, which today exists as the Democratic and Republican  parties. With the evolution of American politics to today’s current state, the state of the media has also developed to what it is today, and one of the greatest developments thus far is the use of the blog. Just as this blog is being used to promote my personal activism and political views, there are many other blogs that serve the same purpose.

During the early days of The United States, “At this time, the press certainly was considered an avenue of popular expression separate from the ballot box. That is, it was really considered the ‘voice of the people’- a notion that would be only metaphorically true once commercialism and professionalism had effectively separated the newspapers from  direct popular expression” (Barlow, 43). The use of media was not utilized to the extent that it is today, mostly because of the lack of widespread availability to disperse the news. As media expanded to the point to where it is today, it is mainly due to the ability of millions of people to be able to access all different types of media sources through the internet.


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