Blog Post Five

In the wake of recent political events, I feel that there is truly no better time to be taking a course called “Activist Writing Media”. As the nation has shifted towards digital media in order to achieve mass communication, the use of blogs to spread political awareness has grown exponentially. The idea of journalism evolved with time, stemming from using the latest forms of media, and is currently in the process of taking over the internet.

As the American populous began to feel let down by traditional news sources- newspapers and television broadcasts- alternate sources of news information began to become more popular, and with the internet becoming readily available at everyone’s fingertips with the innovation of smartphones, the political blog was a hit. Being able to refresh your phone and have an instant news update that fit directly into your political  outlook became a form of instant  news gratification.

Barlow writes of the failure of American News Media, yet without the failures of previous news sources, there would not have been progress in the current news sources. By experiencing failures in media sources like newspapers and television broadcasts, there would not have been a revolution in blogging, and the availability of instant news would not have been accomplished.


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