Blog Post Six

Finally, we have reached the end of “The Rise of the Blogosphere”by Aaron Barlow. While it has definitely been an interesting read, I am also extremely happy to have finished it. All things considered, we have finally gotten to the portion of the book where The Blogosphere is actually discussed. While the history of journalism is extremely interesting, I did not expect it to take up over 3/4 of the book. One of the parts of the end chapters, which dealt with the aftermath of 9/11 which Barlow pinpoints as around the time in which the Blogosphere really began its existence, and goes into detail of what exactly occurred when the shift was made from traditional news media towards the world of blogs.

One of the points of the book that I found most interesting was when Barlow takes a sudden shift in his writing and instead of sticking with his very factual style makes the middle of chapter 13 very personal. Blogs are an extremely personal way of mass communication, and in the course of the last few weeks I have really discovered just how personal a blog can be. I think one of the major appeals of a blog is the level of how personal an author can get from their blog, and the feeling of the experience of pride at releasing one’s own words without influence from outside sources.womensmarch2


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