Barlow Responses

Overall, this has been an interesting project. From where I started just a few short weeks ago, with Blog Post One, which was simply my reasoning for taking this course lacking all personality and any personal aspect about who I am and why I wanted to take the class. The next few posts were where I began to develop an actual writing persona, although it took up until the last of the posts before I truly found a voice I enjoyed for this project. For Blog Post Two, the earliest response to the Barlow reading, I found my style of writing to be extremely dry. While I liked the historic nature of the writing, I was not sure how to make my own personalized style to write about what I had just read, so my response lacked something. It was very one-dimensional. I was writing because I felt I had to, not because it was something I wanted to do. As I got into Blog Post Three, I started to find my writing voice just a little more than I had for the previous post, although it was still just a summary of the reading and not my actual thoughts. While writing Blog Post Four, I began to realize how much I disliked my first few blog posts, simply because there was no personal aspect to it, but I still felt the need to have to summarize instead of freely write my own thoughts.  Blog Post Five is where I finally gained my own writers’ voice! Bringing in a bit of my own personal politics, which is a topic I am usually very outspoken in, I finally addressed the elephant in the room…or more like the republican in the White House. As I had started to get more personal in my writing with Blog Post Six, I feel like Barlow did the same thing in his book. It was easier to write and reflect once I finally felt a personal connection to the writing and to the author. Unfortunately it took me until the end of the book, but I am still excited that I made the connection at all.

What I’ve taken from this experience is how to make a blog, and not just typing in responses to topics I’m not particularly interested in. While I’ve always considered myself somewhat tech savvy, this class and the experience I have gained from it has shown me that there is always more tools to learn and ways to improve one’s own skills. When I first began to use WordPress and attempted to link my twitter, I was met with all kinds of problems. The post would not appear, then I could not get the class hashtag to attach to my posts. As I got better with learning how my blog worked, it got easier for me to add in different features such as pictures or even embedded links (thanks Prof. Mahoney!!) I figured out how to link my twitter, but I could not figure out how to put in a hashtag on the post itself. With trial and error, I eventually managed to figure out how to get both the post and the hashtag to post together. This was a very big moment for me and my blog, I was finally starting to feel like this was a worthwhile venture, and the skills that I would be acquiring would help me one day. I did not get extremely comfortable with writing these posts until the last one, if I am being completely honest. I could not find my voice, the posts were dry and I felt like each was missing something. By my last post, however, I really found a more personal side to my own writing, and I plan to keep this up in my future blog posts.


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