Necessary Trouble Post 1

As I started reading “Necessary Trouble: Americans in revolt”by Sarah Jaffe, I began to think about the many different social movements that have occurred domestically and internationally. These many movements, which have come to define modern America, and modern society, are the People’s way of organizing in order to make a change.

Jaffe writes about some of the most influential social movements in the United States in recent times. While many people look to history, they often forget that history is being made at every moment. What many people do not seem to realize is the impact that today’s actions have on the way people will organize in the future.

I found Jaffe’s writing style to bedownload.jpg extremely personal and easy to read. She writes on current social movements, and while many traditional news sources might spend a little bit of time on these movements because they are in fact news, often it is not on the side of the people, it is on the side of Big Business.

While the everyday person would not connect many of these social movements, Jaffe goes ahead and makes these connections. By having been at the scene of where many of these movements are taking place, Jaffe writes a first-hand account of the transition of American Social Movements over time.

Jaffe writes a lot about the Occupy Movement which is a movement that received a lot of media attention yet many people do not know exactly what the movement is. What Jaffe writes about contrasts with a lot of the traditional news one would receive, and it is extremely interesting to see exactly how she writes about social movements because they are such a big part of activism today. Instead of just reporting on events, Jaffe actually inserts herself into the movement in order to give a first hand account of the experience of the group involved in the movement. Despite the movement beginning in 2011, the Occupy Wall Street still has a twitter operating, where they continue to raise awareness about social justice.


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