Necessary Trouble Post 2

This section of the Jaffe reading focused more on the use of social movements and the way Jaffe has personally interacted with these movements and the experiences she had with each one.

I really enjoyed chapter six of the book, the moral aspect of each and every movement Jaffe was involved in was extremely interesting to me. After graduating from Kutztown University, I plan on going to Law School in North Carolina to join my sister who will be starting at UNC Greensboro in the fall. I found it very interesting that a few of the
movements that Jaffe wrote about took place there, because prior todownload considering going to school there, I had never really thought about life in The South. When my sister first started looking at schools in North Carolina, a big downside was the the anti-LGBT legislation that had just been passed, HB-2, which discriminated against transgender individuals who were no longer allowed to use restrooms for their preferred gender, only the gender they were born, and also discriminated against other members of the LGBT community.

As I read Necessary Trouble, I found out about the group GetEqual, an LGBT group that i had never heard of before. I am always looking to get more involved in the LGBT community, and the discovery of a new resource that can be shared with other individuals was exactly what I was looking for to include in this blog. I want to make this an inclusive space that contains resources for
my readers who may be looking for help but do not know where to begin, as many LGBT youth struggle with.


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