Necessary Trouble Post 3

At the conclusion of Necessary Trouble, I ended up getting a lot more out of the book than I had anticipated.I found LGBT resources and a lot of information about the interaction of social movements that I previously did not have a huge understanding of. What is amazing about the work Jaffe does is that it goes beyond the individual. It shows that while one person can make a difference, when people join together, more is possible. The connection people have when coming together to make a difference shows the power of humanity, and the true caring nature of humans. Many times, as humans, we get absorbed in our own lives and we do not believe that we can actually make a difference on our own. What Jaffe proves through her writing and her activism is that each person who attempts to make a difference is actually contributing to the changing of the world, in whatever capacity they can.

One aspect of the book I found extremely interesting was how the impact of Hurricane Sandy actually had an impact on social movements. Growing up at the Jersey Shore, Hurricane Sandy has been one of the most devastating natural disasters that took place at the shore. Jaffe writes about checking Twitter in order to see updates about how people were doing in the wake of the devastation, and what was found was that the people who had been involved in the Occupy movement were attempting to see what they could do to help those affected by the hurricane, despite having not been directly affected themselves. The involvement by those who were not directly affected by the storm shows that people do want to make a difference, and that the best way to make a change is to do what you think is right and not base it on what others think or tell you to think.


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