Media and Social Justice Post 1

There exists a relationship between media an democracy, and that line intersects at many points, crossing and circling back to cross again. The relationship exists on the basis that as people turn to media for information, they are able to become more politically and socially aware as well. Being able to log onto Facebook or scroll Twitter allows for more people to have access to media that they might not have had access to otherwise. People in very conservative areas that disagree with the conservative mentality of those around them can now access more liberal ideologically based sources, and can feel accepted by those with similar belief systems, rather than having to hide their beliefs their entire lives.

By making media available on a mass scale, it helps to gain larger audiences with similar beliefs. While one person on their own can make a difference in their own way, having multiple people representing the same belief and doing something about it, they can make more of a difference than a single person ever could.

The effect media has on a social movement has been known to either make or break the overall effectiveness a movement will have as it develops. Social media presence also has a huge impact on the influence a public figure will have. As we have seen with the present administration, Twitter can be a very public media source, and it can change the public’s perceptions if there is a leader who reacts poorly on social media. The backlash a public figure can receive as a result of their actions can also cause them to be looked at in a more negative light than they otherwise would have been perceived in.


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