Media and Social Justice Post 2

When we think about the greatest population that mass media has an influence on, it is not often the people think about society’s youth. Many people immediately turn to the voting age, or even the workforce population in order to sway votes or public opinion, yet there is an entire population of young people that is forgotten about, who is often the most impressionable but also the most influential. It is the youth of today who will make the decisions to the future, and it is also the younger generations who has the most presence on social media. Instead of catering to older generations that will turn out to vote regardless of whether or not they saw an advertisement on Facebook (old people’s social media) media should be catered to inform young people about the choices they will eventually have to make for themselves for the future they want to shape.

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. These are all the current ways that people receive media information. No longer do people sit in front of the television waiting for the nightly news, or look to newspapers to keep them up to date on the most current news or political happenings. People look to their phones for instantaneous news updates, they scroll twitter to see sports scores and political news- always updated live. They look to Facebook to tell them about the latest political decisions, and many of them engage in political arguments on this media platform, because it’s an open forum in which it is almost encouraged to enter this new political arena to combat opponents verbally, and to refute any arguments against ones own point of view with “news” found from various internet sources.

We are in the midst of a Social Media Revolution. The way we think and interact is changing as technology changes, and it’s almost impossible to keep up with it.


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