Media and Social Justice Post 3

When I think of social movements, many times my first thought is of feminism. As a woman, one of the most important goals I have is to gain success in a world where there are equal opportunities for men and women. Despite huge gains following the third-wave of feminism, there is still a long way to go before all women are truly treated equal to men in society. download

The use of social media in order to spread awareness about current societal inequalities has promoted good starts to the beginnings of social change, but there has also been a lot of social media clapback from these advancements. As I walked through the concourse of Old Main today (my Kutztown readers would know the place) I passes by a table of women who were offering information about “Equal Pay Day” an international event that focuses on addressing the wage gap between men and women.

Despite events such as the one I passed today, there is still a lot of negativity associated with feminism, and many times this negativity comes from men who do not realize how detrimental this wage gap actually is. There are few women who have gained positions of power in both politics and in corporate America, and the women who have often receive negative feed back for “abandoning their responsibilities to their homes and families”. One of the best examples of this was seen in the previous election cycle, Hillary Clinton was often asked about having to leave her grandkids, yet President Trump was never bothered with questions about his responsibilities to his family.

The media has benefited women today to a certain extent, yet it has also caused a lot of detriment. Women are now faced with body shaming if they do not live up to beauty standards of actresses and models, and are criticized for looking for fulfillment in business or politics, instead of in the home. There is no doubt that media has made a difference in the lives of American women, yet this difference is not always positive.


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