By any Media Necessary Post 1

One of the first concepts Jenkins covers in “By Any Media Necessary” is the impact of Political Science on media, and the effect this combination has on society. As a Political Science major, I often think about the different ways in which people are involved in society, as well as the impact that individuals have on society. Jenkins highlights the importance of social media in the first chapter, and discusses the widespread effect it can have on a population. He describes a group of senior women who were taking pictures with a group dressed as zombies that had joined the “Occupy Movement”. In what other time or place would that have made any sense at all? Yet today, there is such quick movement and effective mass communication that the idea is not at all far-fetched.

An issue that I have written about before in this blog is the importance of attracting the younger generations to vote and participate politically. While a lot of attention today is spent on bringing Generation “X” to the polls, there are entire populations of younger people being forgotten about. Instead of looking to maintain an older generation who already goes out to vote, larger proportions of social media and mass communications should be spent on attracting millennials and generation y, who do not have a large poll presence, but could make huge political sways if they were better represented in government. One of the biggest reoccurring topics that we have addressed throughout this semester has been how a movement can grow and become a huge nation-wide activist movement. This has been seen in the case of the “Occupy Movement” which has been felt at the national level, yet its also been seen on the local level when an individual talks about social injustice, and looks to see what they can do on a personal level to make a difference. If every person looked to make a small change in order to make a difference, the world would change a lot quicker than it has already.


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