By any Media Necessary Post 2

I find this book to be very interesting, as well as almost paradoxical in nature. The book looks to cover very mature content, yet does so in a very young way. The book contains a cartoon drawing on the cover, and talks a lot about pop culture influence, but also serves as an adult version of a lot of content that would go over kids’ heads. In the section being covered in this post, the book jumped from Kony2012 to talking about the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) and the influence of fandoms and pop culture onkony_2012_by_lostturkey-d4s6aag society.

What Jenkins says about the influence of media is very interesting, as we saw with Kony2012, and the campaign to help Invisible Children, there were millions upon millions of people who had watched the video. 70 million people to be exact, and in just a half hour after watching the video, many people wanted to go out and make a change in society. The impact of Kony2012 reached far beyond people watching a video, people now knew of the social injustice that had occurred in Uganda. People were no longer ignorant of the many lives that were affected by using child soldiers, or the horrible conditions these children were forced to live under.

Without the use of media, there would not be such a rallying force to help make social change. By allowing individual’s interests to flourish in activist centered groups based off of popular culture and the fandoms people enjoy, it makes people want to be more involved. When interests and activism overlap, it promotes people to join together with people they share common interests with in order to make social change.



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