By any Media Necessary Post 3


While this post was initially supposed to be an audio post about By Any Media Necessary, it is now another blog post (luckily, because I was having major tech issues with Audacity and Soundcloud). The more I learn about blogging and using media to promote large scale social movements, the more I enjoy each of these posts, because I get to implement my newfound skills, as well as getting to see how far my writing reaches.

I find this book to be extremely interesting, if not slightly repetitive from everything else we’ve read this semester. But I also find it interesting in its own way because of how new and how relevant the entire work is to youth media, a highly unpopular area of media.

One of the parts I found to be extremely interesting about the book was the discussion of Muslim Americans who are feeling disconnected from the rest of society because of religious differences. I related this to the feelings of many members of the LGBT community, because they are also often treated as “the Other” and through the use of social media, many members of both the LGBT community as well as the Muslim American community have found allies. Both groups have begun to use “coming out” videos to share their personal stories, as well as a way to identify within the larger global community exactly who they are. Media helps to unite people from all different groups who might have otherwise felt alienated from the larger societal group they are “supposed” to belong to.


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