Final Project Post 1

Today, as I sat in my 9:30am class, it struck me how much of an impact ignorance can have on a person or a group of people. This post is not looking to say that any person’s opinion is wrong, but instead to look at the impact that being aware (or not aware) can have on a person or a group of people, and pattern of ignorance is one that will continue to have  a resonating effect on people until people are willing to learn.

The lecture this morning in Political Science 227, International Conflict and Security, had to do with individual liberty and perceptions of freedom around the globe. One of the global issues we discussed focused on the current Refugee Crisis. Currently, there are millions of humans- because often that we forget that these atrocities are actually happening to people- who have left their home countries to seek asylum from dangerous conditions. With literally no other option other than staying and facing death, these people migrate to other countries that have not planned on letting in these huge numbers of people.

As we opened the discussion up to the class, I was left in disbelief as I listened to my peers talk about the situation in complete disregard for the lives of the millions of people whose lives were at risk. One student said, “I honestly don’t care about the humanitarian issue here, I blame the European countries for letting those people into their countries in the first place” as if these refugees were somehow a lesser class of people because of this.

Letting the initial comment go, the class began to discuss different possible alternatives to letting refugees into Europe. Another classmate said, “If The United States is so much more tolerant of different cultures, why don’t some of the refugees come here?” This comment was met with some very obvious dislike. A third student replied, “If those people want to come here then they should learn English and adopt American culture”. As I sat there, sinking further and further down into my chair, I realized that there are so many people who feel this same way.

The question we should be asking is not “how can I change one person’s mind?” because that is not often an easy feat to accomplish. Instead, the question we should be asking is “what can I do to help others to change the world?”